NPHW: A focus on Climate Change and World Health Day

National Public Health Week 2019 wraps up with a focus on two topics that definitely overlap: climate change and global health.
“Climate Change” – Today’s NPHW theme — is one of the greatest public health threats of the 21st century. Scientists have linked climate change to more frequent and extreme disasters, air and water pollution, and the spread of vector-borne diseases such as Lyme disease and West Nile virus. Climate change also is expected to have a greater impact on already-vulnerable communities. which will only worsen existing inequalities.
To inspire action on climate and health, advance policy and galvanize the field to address climate change, APHA has created the Center for Climate, Health and Equity. You can read all about our work and partnerships in today’s Public Health Newswirepost. And check out our new student videoshowcasing the importance of supporting the next generation of public health professionals, so they can take on the health effects of climate change.
On the last weekday of NPHW, join us as we stand up for climate science, urge lawmakers to curb carbon emissions, and call for funding to help ready our communities for the health effects of climate change. For more on today’s NPHW theme and ways you can take action, read our Climate Changefact sheet and help spread the word on social media.
But wait! NPHW isn’t over yet. We’re dedicating this Saturday and Sunday to the theme of “Global Health.” Join APHA this weekend as we celebrate the PAHO World Health Day theme of “Universal Health: Everyone, Everywhere” on Sunday, April 7.You can find our NPHW Global Health fact sheet here.
Visit our calendar of local NPHW events to see what’s happening in your community today and this weekend.
It’s been an amazing National Public Health Week! Let’s keep the momentum going through the weekend — and all year! Watch your email inbox for more updates on this year’s successful NPHW.

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