Membership Notes


The Joint Membership arrangement between APHA and CPHA-N is the preferred route for many members these days.  CPHA-N was a key player in the development of the JMP, providing our public health professionals membership in both their national and local association in one easy process. We want to welcome and thank the following public health professionals who joined or renewed via the JMP during the past month:

Stephen McCurdy, MD, MPH; Alvaro Garza, MD, MPH; Robyn RM Gershon, DrPH, MHS; Janet N. Schilling, MS, MPH, RD; Grayson W. Marshall, DDS, MPH, PhD; Juliette Linzer, MS; H Stephen Kaye, PhD; Nicole Ford, MPH; Phyra McCandless, JD, MPH; Barbara F. Adams, DrPH; Joan Moi Chow, DrPH, MPH; Mary Pittman, DrPH; Kimberlee Osterwell, MPH; Adam Lynch, MPH; Robert Stahl, MPH; Laura Brainin-Rodrequez, MS, MPH, RD; Alice Hu, MSPH; Stanton Glantz, PhD; Ruth White, PhD, MPH, MSW; Marlon Maus, MD, DrPH.

PS: We also welcome regular memberships in CPHA-N.

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