2008 Annual Meeting Presentations

Presentation Materials / PowerPoint & Word files

from the CPHA-N Annual Meeting, March 2008

File Sizes
Andrew Calif Water Management CPHA-N 031408.ppt 18.1 MB
DeCicco Golden Gate Audubon CPHAN 031408.ppt 4.2 MB
Degutis Advocating for Pub Health CPHAN 031408.ppt 14.4 MB
Duarte 201 Land Use CPHAN 031308.ppt 24.3 MB
Fitzsimmons Occupational Heat Illness CPHAN 031408.ppt 7.9 MB
Gross San Mateo Co. Food System Alliance CPHAN 031408 FINAL.ppt 880 KB
Knecht Greenbel Alliance Public Health CPHAN 031408.ppt 9 MB
Kreutzer Green Chemistry Panel Presentation CPHAN 031408.doc 44 KB
Lave Johnston 210 Land Use CPHA-N 031308.ppt 4.3 MB
Margolis ClimateChangePub Health Impacts CPHAN 031408.ppt 4 MB
McGeehin Climate Change and Pub Health CPHAN 031408.ppt 13.9 MB
Ogilvie 101 Connections Built Environment and Health CPHAN 031308.ppt 19.3 MB
PHLP Economic Development 101 CPHAN 031308.ppt 11 MB
Piccagli President’s Report 2008 CPHAN 031408.ppt 32 KB
Ring Bay Area Open Space Council CPHAN 031408.ppt 25 MB
Rosenhall Land Use 101 Lessons from Field CPHAN 031308.ppt 23.4 MB
Schenker Land Use CPHA-N 01308.ppt 5 MB
Solomon Climate and Drinking Water CPHAN 031408.ppt 5.2 MB
Susanna Hennesy Lavery CPHAN 031308.ppt 4.7 MB
Sze CA at Crossroads CPHAN 031408.ppt 384 KB
Trent and Kim Heat Related Deaths CPHAN 031408.ppt 11.6 MB
Troidl Health Reform CPHAN 031408.ppt 72 KB
Trzyna Building Support for Climate Change Action CPHAN 031408.doc 64 KB
Wasserman FamilyFarm to Institution CPHAN 031408.doc 88 KB
Wooten 201 Healthy General Plans 031308.ppt 23.8 MB

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