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Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Mar 6

Today’s News (3/6/18) The Coalition for Health Fund is hosting the CHF Hill Day today, and you can participate virtually even if you’re not in Washington. Check out their social media toolkit which includes sample posts, Twitter handles for each of the Hill offices volunteers are visiting, a sample graphic, and a link to the updated one-pager on

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Mar 1

Today’s News (3/1/18) Transition:  When initiating the idea of a Wellness and Prevention in Health Reform e-newsletter nearly 10 years ago, I had no idea that it would evolve into such a broadly distributed public health resource, which I trust has been useful to you.  As many of you have heard, I’ll soon be transitioning

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Feb 23

Today’s News (2/23/18) Trust for America’s Health (TFAH) and Well Being Trust (WBT) have released a new analysis finding disproportionally large increases in drug deaths among racial/ethnic minority groups, particularly among Black Americans, who experienced an increase of 39 percent in drug deaths between 2015 and 2016. Latinos saw drug death rates increase 24 percent, while the

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Feb 15

Today’s News (2/15/18) We are still waiting for the Congressional Justifications (CJs) to be released, which will have more detail on the President’s budget request. You may have already seen the CDC budget chart, and a two-page budget request overview is also now available.  Both can be found here, where the CJs will also be available once

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Feb 13

Today’s News (2/13/18) The President’s FY 2019 budget has been released.  Some conflicting analyses out there, so may be a few days before there’s more clarity on the numbers.  The HHS Budget in Brief is available, as well as the HHS budget tables. While the more detailed Congressional Justification documents (CJs) for the various HHS agencies are not yet available, the CDC detail chart,

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Feb 1

Today’s News (2/1/18) Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Director Brenda Fitzgerald has resigned. A Washington Post story provides details, and the Department of Health and Human Services issued a brief statement.  Dr. Anne Schuchat will serve as Acting Director, a role she has previously filled at CDC.       Reports and Announcements Today marks the beginning

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 30

Today’s News (1/30/18)        Reports and Announcements The National Partnership for Women and Families has released a 50 state analysis that “reveals a growing need for national paid family and medical leave.” The report highlights consequences for families when individuals “are not able to hold paying jobs while providing and receiving critical care.” According

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 25

Today’s News (1/25/18)  Yesterday, by a vote of 55-43, the Senate voted to confirm Alex Azar as the next Secretary of Health and Human Services. The New York Times provided background information on Secretary Azar, as well as reactions from various Senators. The White House is expected to release the Fiscal Year 2019 budget no earlier

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 19

Today’s News (1/19/18)  As previously reported, the latest continuing resolution would keep the government funded through February 16th and extend the Children’s Health Insurance Program for six years without any further cuts to the Prevention Fund. Unfortunately, it does not extend funding for other critical programs such as community health centers. Last night, the House

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 11

Today’s News (1/11/18)  It is being reported that internal Congressional Budget Office estimates show that passing at least a seven-year extension (versus the five-year extension being debated) of the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) would net the federal government $6 billion in savings. Advocates in support of CHIP and the Prevention Fund are urged to join TFAH

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 9

Today’s News (1/9/18)  This afternoon, 4:00 – 5:00 p.m. (EST), please join New Year’s Resolutions for Public Health: Reflecting Back on 2017 and Moving Forward in 2018,  a Dialogue4Health web forum co-hosted by American Public Health Association, Prevention Institute, Public Health Institute, and Trust for America’s Health. It will be a panel discussion of national public

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Jan 3

Today’s News (1/3/18)  Happy New Year, and welcome back to the office for many of you! As we kick off the first Digest of 2018, we have some updates you may not have seen over the holidays: The President signed a Continuing Resolution (CR) into law to keep the government open through January 19th. The CR extends

Using the Prevention Fund to help fund CHIP is a Huge Mistake

Last night, Congress cut $750 million from the Prevention Fund to provide very short-term funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program. Today, Prevention Institute joined other leading public health organizations in releasing the statement below. We are astounded by the hypocrisy of a Congress that just this week approved a tax bill that would add

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Dec 20

Today’s News (12/20/17)  TFAH has released its latest report, Ready or Not? Protecting the Public’s Health from Diseases, Disasters and Bioterrorism. The report found the country does not invest enough to maintain strong, basic core capabilities for health security readiness and, instead, is in a continued state of inefficiently reacting with federal emergency supplemental funding packages

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Dec 14

Today’s News (12/14/17)  Last evening, House Appropriations Chairman Frelinghuysen (R-NJ) introduced a new continuing resolution (CR), H.J. Res 124, that would fund the Department of Defense through fiscal year 2018 and remaining government agencies through January 19, 2018.  The legislation would provide five-year funding for the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) and other measures, but unfortunately includes

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Nov 28

Today’s News (11/28/17)  A new Congressional Budget Office cost estimate report on the Senate Tax Cuts and Jobs Act finds that the federal deficit would increase by $1.4 trillion over ten years.  In addition, eliminating the individual mandate would decrease the number of Americans with health insurance by four million over the next year and by 13

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Nov 16

Today’s News (11/16/17)  As you may have heard, the tax proposal under consideration this week by the Senate Finance Committee contains a provision that would repeal the Affordable Care Act individual mandate to obtain and maintain health insurance coverage.  The most recent Congressional Budget Office (CBO) analysis concludes that enacting this provision into law would result

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Nov 14

Today’s News (11/14/17)  There are four weeks left in the Affordable Care Act open enrollment period.  The Kaiser Family Foundation released a new analysis estimating the number of people who can get coverage for no cost this year – 4.5 million. An even larger number, 5.8 million, can find coverage for less than the cost

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest/ Nov 9

Today’s News (11/9/17)        The National Center for Healthy Housing is seeking organizational support for the Lead-Safe Housing for Kids Act of 2017.  The bi-partisan bill would provide the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development with the authority to require lead hazard risk assessments and control in federally assisted housing prior to occupancy

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest /Nov 7

Today’s News (11/7/17)        Last Friday, the House passed the CHAMPIONING HEALTHY KIDS Act by a vote of 242-174. We were, however, pleased by the strong vote in opposition.  For the full roll call vote. The final bill included $6.35 billion in cuts to the Prevention Fund, including a $400 million cut beginning in FY19.  Action

Our Federal Science Agencies Are in Mortal Danger

Whether by strategy or ineptitude or both, the Trump administration is starving them of the expertise they need to fulfill their essential functions By Andrew A. Rosenberg, Kathleen Rest on October 17, 2017 Our national political landscape is in disarray. As scientists, we watch with dismay as senior positions in our federal science agencies remain

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / Oct 5

Today’s News (10/5/17)        Last evening, the House Energy & Commerce Committee completed marking up a slate of health bills, including the CHAMPION Act, which includes a $6.35 billion cut (FY19-FY26) to the Prevention and Public Health Fund. While the measure moved forward under a party line vote, several panel members expressed strong support for

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / May 23

Today’s News (5/23/17)        Federal Action The Fiscal Year 2018 President’s budget is out, so lots to share: HHS Budget in Brief HHS Budget Budget of the U.S. Government Assorted OMB tables and fact sheets CDC Congressional Justification document HRSA Congressional Justification document TFAH visual on CDC highlights In response to the budget

Research Project Seeks Case Study Interviews re: Public Health Marketing

My colleagues  (Margaret Kroposki  and Tammy Cagle) and I are working on a study that we hope to have completed within the next year and published in a well-known journal shortly thereafter. The issues that we are seeking to address include Public Health professionals lack of knowledge regarding basic marketing concepts that will help them and

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / Mar 30

Clearly, another one of those weeks with a vast amount of activity.  You may need to read this one twice, much to digest (no pun intended).       Reports and Materials The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation has released the 2017 County Health Rankings and Roadmaps. “The annual Rankings provide a revealing snapshot of how health is influenced

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / Mar 24

To vote or not to vote, that is the question!  As you are probably well aware, under a fast-track procedure approved Thursday evening, the U.S. House of Representatives is scheduled to vote today (don’t hold me to that) on a revised version of the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Among the provisions that would negatively

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / Mar 9

      Affordable Care Act Yesterday, the House Energy and Commerce Committee began its debate of health reform legislation to “repeal and replace” the Affordable Care Act through reconciliation.  The markup ran for more than a dozen hours on day one.  The Ways and Means Committee completed its markup after 18 hours. Among the latest supportive statements

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest / Feb 14

Today’s News (2/14/17)       Affordable Care Act Here’s an op ed in The Hill from TFAH President and CEO John Auerbach, Missing in the ACA Debate: Funding to Prevent Disease in the First Place. “If the ACA is repealed, the Prevention fund disappears and the CDC will lose 12 percent of its budget, most of

Wellness and Prevention Health Reform Digest

Today’s News (2/7/17)       Affordable Care Act Several new news postings in support of the Prevention and Public Health Fund: Chicago Tribune – Vaccination Funding May be Cut if Obamacare Ends, Public Health Experts Warn. McclatchyDC – Trump’s Obamacare Repeal Could Devastate Public Health and CDC Funding. Richmond Times-Dispatch – {Virginia} Could Lose $20 Million in