APHA Public Health Fellowship in Government

APHA announces its 2015-16 APHA Public Health Fellowship in Government.

Candidates must have strong public health credentials and be interested in spending one year in Washington, D.C. working in a congressional office on legislative and policy issues related to health, the environment or other public health concern. The fellowship will begin in September 2015 and continue through August 2016. The fellowship provides a unique learning experience and demonstrates the value and need for basing policy on sound science.  Throughout the year, the fellow will gain a practical knowledge of government and how the public policy process works.

All candidates must:

  1. be an APHA member.
  2. have a graduate degree in a public health or a related discipline.
  3. have five years experience as a public health professional beyond graduate or medical training.

Application, additional information and brief articles from the previous fellows are available on APHA’s website.

The application, including a CV and three letters of recommendation, is due to APHA by March 9, 2015.

For more information, please contact Susan Polan,PhD at susan.polan@apha.org or 202-777-2510.

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